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This community was created mainly for Live Journal users of Black heritage to discuss issues which pertain to our communities and lifestyles and/or culture, however, anyone is free to join or post comments here. It is not our intention to promote racism or segregation or elitism here, rather, we merely hope to provide people of colour with a forum in which to express themselves and network with other people of colour on the Web.


[01] All members are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner.
[02] Agree to disagree with other people whose opinions/lifestyles differ from yours, and let it go. Flaming and personal attacks on people will not be tolerated here.
[03] Spammers are not welcome here. If you are not an actively-posting member of this community, please don't spam us with announcements of stuff you have for sale or upcoming events, etc... If you are a member of this community who posts regularly, feel free to promote your projects. If you are not sure about this rule, please contact the Community Maintainer before posting.

Rules suck, but they help keep the Peace, so please help this community thrive by keeping them! If you break these Rules of Conduct, you WILL BE warned and/or banned from posting here, depending upon the nature of your "crime" - so be FOREWARNED!

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions or suggestions about this community. :)

Community Maintainer: coloured_girl

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